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Southern Manitoba is home to the highest numbers of whitetail in the province.  We are located in the heart of an agricultural area surrounded by wooded creeks and hills.  All of our hunts take place on privately managed lands to ensure the highest quality archery experience.  Well placed stands in travel corridors and over feeding areas provide great opportunities.  Born, raised, and living on the very farms we hunt provide us with an intimate knowledge of the local whitetail and will allow you to tap into the trophy potential.  The guides of Nelsonville Outfitters have years of experience in the field and know what it takes to put together a trophy hunt. 

Deer numbers continue to be very strong in our area, and P+Y class deer are very common.  The high deer numbers, combined with light hunting pressure, make for excellent bowhunting.  We have experienced a 75% hunter success rate over the past three seasons. 

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